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Sexting" is a word you have probably heard but might not be able to define.

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Although just over two-thirds of those teens meant those images for their boyfriend or girlfriend, 25 percent of teen girls and 33 percent of teen boys admit they have had sext messages meant for someone else shared with them.Adults risk embarrassment if their sext message is misdirected.But when a teenager (meaning a minor between 13 and 17) creates, sends, or receives a sext message in Illinois, he or she may have committed the criminal offense of child pornog raphy.The spouse may use the tablet only in a secluded corner of a locked study, the spouse may change the password, or cloak all his or her online activities in secrecy.If disturbed or interrupted, the cheating spouse may react with anger or defensiveness. Household chores ignored – When anyone increases his time online, household chores often go undone.

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