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Founder & CEO, Servant Leadership Institute Owner & CEO, Datron World Communications, Inc.Art Barter believes "everyone can be great, because everyone can serve." To teach people about the power of servant leadership, Art started in his own backyard by rebuilding the culture of the manufacturing company he bought in 2004, Datron World Communications.Our Community is free of politically correct claptrap and censorship. All are welcome who are genuine, sincere, open-minded, and in pursuit of truth and a better life.Meet our knowledgeable experienced "Hey everyone I discovered this site and found Winston Wu's articles to mirror my experiences in Texas and the USA.

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Because of my experience living in Costa Rica for four months in 2010 I found Winston to be a preacher of enlightenment and truth." - I love your philosophical Wisdom.

The Christian community was celebrating Palm Sunday, a holiday that recognizes Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem one week before his resurrection. George’s Church in Tanta, Egypt was the site of the first attack.

A suicide bomber detonated himself at the altar of the church, which resulted in 27 deaths and 78 injuries. Hussien was at the main gate checking women who were entering the church.

The warnings were heeded and just two Conservative MPs - Alex Chalk and Tania Mathias - rebelled despite fears of a more widespread revolt.

Even staunchly Pro-EU peers admitted tonight there was no appetite in the Lords to defy the will of the elected chamber again.

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