Is cody simpson dating kylie jenner

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Throw in Sports Illustrated, and, well, Gigi Hadid is one of a kind.” Find out what happened when we made the star investigate her online history, in the video above.

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian crew. For any of you not acquainted with Australian pop music, Cody Simpson is a you tube sensation break out star, much like an Australian Justin Bieber (or so people say).

He is also the owner of the record label called Coast House Records. They began their love affairs with the start of 2012 and few months later photo of them kissing on a rooftop became leaked.

Tall and handsome, Cody was born as Cody Robert Simpson in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia to Brad and Angie Simpson. However, this romantic love life didn't last that long as they broke up within several months.

"Nice to finally meet you."Kendall later said to camera, "I think Kylie should date Cody Simpson because they'd be so cute together."Kylie even went so far as to proclaim, "I'd marry an Australian."After the premiere Simpson tweeted to the Jenner girls, "had a real good time on the red carpet with you last night.

During a recent game of Eff, Marry or Kill with online channel Blunt Talking, the blonde babe took all precautions to stay clear of his ex-girlfriend’s sister, raising eyebrows as he opted to ‘kill’ the brunette beauty.

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