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I've read before that contrary to what most believe, non-Israeli Jews can visit Iran without any problema, though most links I find are a few years old. how safe would it be for a person with an obvious Jewish last name as "Cohen" to freely visit and travel around? (on a side note, an Iranian stamp on the passport might cause an even bigger problems if and when one tries to enter to Israel I guess?

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lots of my clients got their visas without any problem and as i heard there is a same routine for tourists who have Iran visa in their passports too.

Based on my experience I can only agree with what our Iranian fiends say above.

Governments and politics is one thing, the amazing hospitality and friendliness of Iranian people is another.

"It is an unspoken alliance which suits them, but it causes great harm to the rest of us." The MP is Jewish, representing the largest Jewish community in the Middle East outside Israel, one that is growing in size while those in almost all other Muslim countries in the region have shrunk severely or disappeared altogether – largely due to persecution.

Israel has long portrayed Iran as an implacable enemy, an existential threat, even. And the resultant easing of international sanctions – providing a road to recovery for the country's ailing economy – was a key factor in the sweeping gains by the reformists and their allies in the recent elections; a victory that should pave the way for great changes in Iranian politics and history.

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