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Although the dates derived using the charts below will likely be a good approximation, they should not be considered exact.All Fender amplifiers manufactured from 1990 to the present include a date code, printed on the quality assurance (QA) sticker on the back of the amp chassis.The Blues Junior is a tube guitar amplifier introduced in 1995 by the Fender company.

Remember to put all the dash (-) marks in the transformer number secquence as the dash (-) marks divide the month and year in the code number.

When I replaced my power tubes (6L6's) I got the "Grove Tubes" (same tube size/type) at Guitar Center and have used those ever since, about .00 for a matching set if I remember right (Old-Timers).

They're have a warmer tone and can still work very well with grunge and/or that high gain crapola. Tech pretty good and trust his opinion as I have played with him before.

This black-and-silver sticker contains several lines for “sign-offs” on completion of sound and electrical testing.

The final line contains a date code of two printed or handwritten letters denoting the amplifier’s production date by year (the first letter) and month (the second letter).

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