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Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Brian Smith creates iconic portraits of the famous and infamous for magazines, books and advertising.

We’ve got a fresh new batch of you on Wednesday though, and you’ll find 10 premium apps on sale below. Try our free, 5-day Introductory program to meditation and experience firsthand how mindfulness can help you in all aspects of your everyday life. * Boost your overall Health * Find Happiness everywhere you go * Improve your Relationships * Increase your Focus and Awareness * Improve your Productivity * Know yourself at a deeper level * Sleep Better Features – Free access to the 5-day Introductory path to meditation. Mix and match over 124 sounds and create your own custom melody to accompany your meditation practices.

Imagine if you could do your own Flappy Bird game and benefit on the Flappy Bird Success?

That's why I have added a special Flappy Bird Bonus pack where I include all the source codes and graphics to the Flappy Bird game which is almost identical clone of original one!

Fortunately, you can get the same power and performance without the hefty price tag. If you haven't heard of it before, Libre Office is a free and open-source office suite that's compatible with Microsoft Office files.

Since it's an open-source software, the program is continually updated and at no charge to you.

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